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    Aerial view of Rancho Cucamonga, CA in the Inland Empire where you'll find HSH Carpet and Flooring

    HSH Carpet & Flooring in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    We understand that ripping up your floor is no minor undertaking.


    You've been preparing for a difficult task and are ready to take that step. Whether you are a homeowner looking to completely remake your Kitchen or a hotel manager ready to bring your business into a new decade, we want to make the process as painless as possible for you. This is why our experts are ready to work with you and guide you through the process to turn this into a seamless experience. If your project is in Rancho Cucamonga, CA or the surrounding areas, count on the experts at HSH Carpet and Flooring.


    Our professional team of experts is standing by to speak with you and learn about your project. You may be looking for a team to come out and install new carpet in your home or rental property. Or you may be a restaurateur preparing a new space for that grand opening of the best cuisine in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. No matter what your project may be, we will guarantee the timely completion of your project so that you can move on to more important things than flooring.


    If you are converting your basement or garage into a game room, or if you are simply looking for a team of experts that can refinish your hardwood floors, trust on HSH Carpet and Flooring to bring the right tools, the right attitude, and the right experience to complete the job. And because our team is spread throughout the Southern California region, we can come to you no matter where in the greater LA area you may find yourself.


    Carpet Installation Services

    Many new homes have moved to hardwood and tile flooring through the house. However, few flooring materials are more homey and comforting than a plush, brand new carpet. When you wake up in the morning and step on that soft furry surface, it makes the transition out of bed that much easier. HSH Carpet and Flooring in Rancho Cucamonga, CA knows all about comfort and will bring your home that "fresh-out-of-the- dryer" carpet feeling we all know and love.


    Hardwood Flooring Installation and Refinishing Services

    Hardwood flooring gives spaces a particularly earthy feel. But a worn and saddened hardwood floor can bring the whole space out of alignment. If your hardwood floor needs some love or is simply looking a little tired, call the experts at HSH Carpet and Flooring to come give your hardwood floor some love. We can clean up and refinish old hardwoods and bring out that luster and elegance. Or, if it's time to put that old floor to rest and bring in a new age of materials, we'll work with you and guide you so that we can install the perfect floor for you.


    Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation Services

    Although carpet and hardwood floors are perfect for many people and rooms, few surfaces are as easy to clean and to maintain as tile flooring. Whether you pick ceramic or porcelain, your home will feel cooler during the summer months with tile flooring. Durable and flexible in design, tile flooring can make your space feel modern, rustic, artistic, or just plain fun! Our team can help you pick out the coolest designs and textures at affordable rates.

    Commercial Flooring Services

    For those looking to complete larger commercial flooring projects, our expert team is trained in sourcing the best materials at the lowest prices. With distribution partners all over Rancho Cucamonga and the greater LA area, we can find the exact style, color, and material to fit your budget and schedule. We work diligently to masterfully plan out your project to ensure all steps of the process are thought out and complete, ensuring a smooth transition from old floor to new floor. We will gladly work with your main Rancho Cucamonga, CA contractor to align and plan out the details. Whether you are a hotel, casino, or office building, our team will complete your major flooring project with the best service and attitude in all of Rancho Cucamonga.




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